Back Office

“Work on your business while our team does the work for your business”

Focus on your sales and customers
while we focus on operations
A professional team makes back
office operations seamless
Large variety of tasks handled
by the best in the business


Virtual Assistants

Get all the benefits of an assistant without having to hire employees. Our experienced virtual assistants make businesses operate with great efficiency.

Schedule appointments remotely

Book gatherings and events

Keep businesses on track

Manage events, calendars, and other tasks

Mass Communication Services

Ensure that the message of your business is received by everyone at once. Our communications specialists are the best at creating and distributing mass communications.

Develop messages with broad appeal

Distribute messages over large networks

Create sales funnels through messaging

Manage mailing lists to maximize responses

Phone Support/Virtual Receptionists

Don’t put your staff in a bind, dealing with initial and ongoing phone calls. Let our skilled team handle all of your phone support needs so you can focus on enhancing your customer experience.

Assist customers with answering basic questions

Direct inquiries to proper departments quickly

Record information about strengths and weaknesses of product

Deepen customer relationships with high-level service

Data Entry

Information is vital to a business’s success. By working with our data entry personnel, you will have the ability to quickly retrieve all important information about your customers.

Categorize data quickly and efficiently

Record pertinent customer information

Build easily searchable databases

Comply with all local and national data storage regulations

Order Processing

Ensure that everything from the closing of a sale to the delivery of products is managed effectively. Our skilled team members make order processing simple and efficient.

Eliminate extraneous steps between receiving payment and delivering goods

Speed up the fulfillment process

Integrate with existing CRM systems

Increase customer satisfaction via seamless order fulfillment

List Pulling

Finding information is something that takes time. Our experts get a business the lists needed for generating sales and information distribution with ease.

Acquire mailing lists for e-mail, direct mail and sales

Develop lists for marketing services

Find lists for vendors

Segment lists in order of relevance


Recording meetings and other important conversations to act on these ideas later. Our skilled transcribers make sure everything said is memorialized.

Create clear meeting minutes

Take dictation for letters and other memos

Memorialize important conversations

Write down verbatim accounts of speeches

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